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Thread: PS3 FTP Problem - Help please?

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    aamir007 Guest
    People with faulty bd drives seem to have lots of problems as the support and compatibility isn't yet here as its fairly new and is being developed so hopefully the bugs will be sorted out soon and you'll have more function (then i can pick up a faulty PS3 for real cheap :P)

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    Gstar Guest
    Thank you all for your help but i want to solve this problem. I am not a programmer and really want ftp server to work, could someone please try to edit the open manager, so it doesn't look for the BD, instead it looks in HDD, something on the lines of what indy 84 said.. please, im sure it will help many members who also have the same problem as me. please.

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    severusx Guest
    Have you tried Open Manager yet? I would suggest that you test all possible options before asking for a big code change. I would recommend one of the Jurai mods of Open Manager, the FTP support works well in them.

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    bugga12 Guest
    Every single homebrew that makes a call to the blu-ray will not initialize. Unfortunately for Gstar, just about every open manager does, as well as FTP.

    When you access the PS3 through FTP (ANY! FTP homebrew server currently avaliable) you can see every storage unit present on the PS3, right? That means it'll always check to see if there's a Blu-ray present in the drive, if the drive doesn't answer the calls it'll probably be stuck in a loop, waiting for the drive to "callback".

    Bottom line is, current FTP servers allow ftp access to the PS3's Drive, as long as they do that you won't be able to boot.

    To test this theory (I can't remember if Snes9x emulator does tap into the Blu-ray or not but...) try downloading and running a copy of the Snes9x emulator currently around for PS3. If it runs, it's pretty much proven.

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    Gstar Guest
    bugga12 I installed snes, and started it, but got a black screen. Is ther anything else I can do to solve the black screen?

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    bugga12 Guest
    Which version of the emulator did you download?

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    Gstar Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bugga12 View Post
    Which version of the emulator did you download?
    This was the one I tested, SNES9x - Build 4.3.6.

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    bugga12 Guest
    I just checked, the Snes Emulator also has access to "dev_bdvd" since you can choose to explore the disc inserted into the drive through the emulator's own file browser.

    Seems like until either the jailbreak works in a different way, or is able to ignore hardware malfunctions, you're stuck to homebrew that does NOT call a "dev_bdvd" function. And those are quite few, if not non-existent. Nothing else can be done I don't think.

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    bb01 Guest
    ok this is a longshot, but trying installing NZhawks Awesome Mountpoint Manager, i read that someone else had the same problem, so they copied that across to there external & installed it from external & then pointed it to a folder on the external, which then mounted that as a bdvd, then they were able to ftp again...

    Worth a shot..

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    Gstar Guest
    I installed NZhawks Awesome Mountpoint Manager and started it, but got a black screen. How do I point it to a folder on an external USB device?


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