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Thread: PS3 Freezing/Replaced Lens already help?

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    briantheman9 Guest

    Question PS3 Freezing/Replaced Lens already help?

    Alright guys here is my issue. My ps3 is freezing every once and awhile still mostly during Red Dead Redemption. I can sometimes play for hours without any issues. Also Call of duty modern warfare 2 freezes when ever I click multiplayer. My ps3 then freezes I have to then eject the disk then it reboots to the main ps3 menu (takes around 1-2mins)

    I replaced my blu ray lens within the last week because it gave out. The seller sent me a faulty item I sent it back I got a new one. Immediately it worked but it ended up freezing sometimes and gave me 3 red beeps. I then popped it open moved stuff around and wallah it worked for a day... I contacted the seller for another replacement.

    ]Known issues so far:

    -Freezes After awhile in Red Dead Redemption.(Freezes quicker in single player than online)
    -I believe my Drive is making rubbing noises and sounds like its spinning weird.
    -CODM2 will not work at all
    -Download content shuts ps3 off after an hr or 2 *sometimes*

    Please looking for some advice thanks guys.

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    almlk1996 Guest
    in my case all the ps3 freezes and i will have to unplug the ps3 from electricity , but it happens in a 3 hr and more... with me and i think it's from the jb firewall.

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    severusx Guest
    Does your console have backwards compatibility? If not I personally would not even mess with a laser replacement, as the issue you are having sounds very common. If it is a BC console then I would check in some of the repair threads.

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    briantheman9 Guest
    It is a 60gb with backwards compability I have already replaced the lens. I also never used custom firmware I just am looking for help with my ps3 for now. Once its fixed then I will do some firmware updates.

    Ran Red dead redemption today. It started out terrible froze every time i went too fast through the game on my horse. Then I played again it ran smooth for 2+ hours. Call of Duty still stuck on the black screen.

    Huge issue now I tried to run my demo of killzone 3 it worked all morning now it just makes screen freeze black after the playstation motion controller info pages. I can not do anything. I tried with another demo same issue.

    Notes: Thinking with the cd games its the disk spinner? I've researched this stuff so much. If you guys need videos I can upload some with my phone quality will suck tho.

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    joffe Guest
    I had some similar problems with my PS3 with sporadic stucks and freezes. It was a kind of pre-YLOD with some weak connections on RSX, after reflowing it it is working since 6 months now (CECHL).

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    barrybarryk Guest
    could be a corrupt hdd since it's freezing both disc and discless games.

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    briantheman9 Guest
    Let me get your opinions really quick then. Should I send the lens back for my money back? Do a Ylod fix and hdd upgrade first?

    Or buy a new ps3 and sell this one for parts? Right now I'm thinking new ps3.

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    joffe Guest
    suggest in that order:

    A) keep the lens as a backup or get 2nd PS3 on ebay with defective BD and fix that

    B) place another hd to the PS3 and see whether it fixes the problems, maybe you can borrow one - or use the hd from the ebay-PS3 above

    C) if hd dosn't solve the probem, try YLOD fix

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