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Thread: PS3 freezing issue HDD or Blu-ray help?

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    jnglizt Guest

    PS3 freezing issue HDD or Blu-ray help?

    Hi there,

    Having an issue with ps3 freezing and wondering if anyone can advise me as to possible cause/solution. Basically I can turn it on fine and it boots up, then I can browse PSN for a bit, download some games etc but it eventually freezes.

    It also freezes when I put a disc in and try to play, can sometimes get ten mins or so of play but then it dies. I have been into safe mode and tried all options including re-formatting the HDD but still no luck. Have also de-activated then re-activated the console in account settings.

    What I'm wondering is is this a hdd problem, an issue with the blu-ray or laser, or something else entirely. The fact that it freezes without a disc in when not playing makes me think it's the HDD but not sure. And if I was to buy a new HDD would that possibly fix it, or is the fact that I've already formatted my current HDD and am still having a problem a sign that a new HDD wont make any difference?!

    If anyone could give me any advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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    metzen Guest
    I'm assuming you've formatted the drive within recovery mode? Give that a try but of course make sure you have your trophies and anything else backed up if you can get that far. You could be experiencing an overheating issue so I would try and make sure that the area around the PS3 is well ventilated. Please let us know which model PS3 you have. Thanks.

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    imranulferdoues Guest
    I think its HDD problem as I fixed like 5 ps3 with freezing issues. You can change the HDD with a new one and reinstall firmware from recovery mode. I think it will solve the issues.

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