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Thread: ps3 freezing help?

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    trashchris Guest

    ps3 freezing help?

    hey guys,

    my bro in law's ps3 keeps freezing with disc errors once he has been playing it for a short period of time, doesn't matter what game. any ideas why this might be and also i have some spare drives from old ps3 here, are they inter changeable? if so i might give that a go and see if it fixes it.

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    sykoNsc Guest
    you can try swapping br drives, just remember to change the controller board from the original drive over to the new drive going in... and make sure you know which one came out of the original... if you lose the original controller board then you're screwed.

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    aeollus Guest
    if he has the old fatboy ps3 turn the power off for 30mins (not standby) by flipin the switch in the back. if he has a slim ps3 unplug the power cord for 30mins. start up and try the games it may work if not then back up you save game data on a fat32 format flash or hard drive and go to setting>system setting>format utilities and reformat your drive if no of this works the look for a bluray drive. should work though

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