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Thread: PS3 Freezing help

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    sahduk Guest

    PS3 Freezing help

    For about two weeks now my ps3 has been been buggy as hell. Sometimes when I go to my account and scroll to the friends list the console will freeze. Some times when I load a game the yellow light won't blink. And I am not able to turn it off unless I unplug it from the back

    My ps3 is a brand new 250 slim model and I bought it a few months ago February I think. I have not tampered what so ever with the firmware I have been a good boy

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    ekrboi Guest
    sounds like its time to use that warranty! does it do it even right after the ps3 is turned on after being off for a while? could be a heat issue i suppose.. is the fan running?? it could be something corrupt in the nand as well.. did you update recently? would be very risky if your ps3 keeps freezing.. but you could try finding the update pup and doing a system restore from a usb stick.

    if it is a corrupt file or files on the nand that should help restore them.. but if the ps3 freezes during that process it will more than likely be screwed and HAVE to goto sony to get fixed.. but if it has to go anyways it might be worth a shot.. if it makes it through the update you could save yourself from being without your ps3 for a while..

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    shummyr Guest
    It sounds like you need to send it in for repair, the symptoms sounds like YLOD or something is wrong with your hard drive.

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    ekrboi Guest
    good suggestion.. try another HDD or reformatting yours.. but i think more than likely your ps3 is about to take an unwanted vacation to sony =(

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    NOENT1ENDO Guest
    send it to SONY for repair, went something is wrong just use you waranty.

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    sahduk Guest
    I dont think I have the warranty, I didn't pay extra for it because I though ps3 were perfect >_<

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    A17 Guest
    you have a year warranty... the extra pay is with the store you bought it from. make sure you protect your account info though.

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    sahduk Guest
    What do you mean protect the account info? Back up my hdd? How do I do that ?

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    tragedy Guest
    Probably, the important thing is to delete your sign in details so that nobody else can steal your $$$ from PSN. Assuming you've bought something on PSN and attached your credit card to the account, that is...

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