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Thread: PS3 freezing and Game menu items issue help?

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    Bigby Guest

    PS3 freezing and Game menu items issue help?

    I have a jailbroken PS3 using the Minimus v1 AVR USB, and have tried both hermes and PL3 latest versions.

    Have been getting a lot of PS3 freezes lately, and the Game Menu items take around a minute to show up (during which the refresh icons show).

    Any ideas?

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    Gumpo Guest
    Maybe your disk drive is dying?

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    Bigby Guest
    It's brand new, upgraded recently from a 60GB to a 640GB hard drive.

    Would using the "Restore File System" in Diagnosis Mode be a good thing to do?

    This won't mess anything up will it?

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    cackalack Guest
    I'm assuming as it was a 60GB the console is around 4 years old, does it just freeze for no reason meaning if you load it to the xmb and do nothing else does the screen freeze there, is there any pixilation, picture distortion, this is very common in ps3s over 2 years old, it will be over heating and need a good clean out and reflowing, restoring files option in the recovery menu is for corrupt hard drive, I don't think this is your problem although doing it will do no harm so go nutz.

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    BackHome Guest


    If I were you, I would put back the 60GB disk & see if it makes a difference.

    Then, I haven't had a lot of media in the PS3. Does yours have ? It might be that the PS3 is busy, parsing through the headers of loads of MP3s and Videos, stored in the hard drive.

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    Motorhead Guest


    Read this

    i got same problem and this helped me!

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