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    TickerTodd Guest

    Angry PS3 Freezing/Black Screen help

    I've been dealing with Sony & EA on this for 11 days now with no resolve. Bought Madden 2011, downloaded Madden Ultimate & received bonus coins for accomplishments in 2010. Purchased another $120.00 in coins & the game started screwing up on Aug.14th @ 17:21. Win a game & have a black screen at the end.

    Sony has restored default settings, deleted game data, restored & repaired file system and restored the ps3. Still the same thing & there are 1000's of us, I'm using 80g fat & just over a year old. Being told ps3's with model #CECHL01 are the most affected. EA say's sony's problem & Sony say's EA. Either way, I've run my total to over $200 cdn for a game that doesn't work. Can anyone help me & the other Madden gamers who are stuck in limbo with no help or direction to go.

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    bapestar7 Guest


    This sounds like a similar problem I had with my fatty a few months back. Is your problem just with Madden? or is it with other games as well??

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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    Well if this problem is specific to this game then everything is fine and if it is with every game you own then these are the symptoms of famous error known as ylod.

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    TickerTodd Guest

    Black Screen

    The black screen only happens in head to head games & at the end of the game when I'm about to see how many coins I'll receive. I can play against the computer no problem & have completed Madden Moments as well. I tried playing Tiger Woods online & get a bad connection error.

    I've checked with my internet provider & they walked me through my wireless router & showed me that all of the ports are open. I know of at least 10 other people personally that have the exact problem as me. EA keeps closing my file saying that I need a a new PS3, very frustrating when you spend $300 on a ps3 & it lasts just over a year, sorry but every other game of mine works.

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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    Well the problem is with the game only, so only a patch from game dev (EA) can fix it.

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    TickerTodd Guest
    You hit it on the head, I've been saying that since August 14th & the only one that agreed with me was Victor, David & Betty at Sony Playstation support. They were great and I wish that EA sports had the same kind of customer support. EA told me that my ps3 was toast & as it turned out, they finally acknowledged their problem & have me on a to notify list for when the patch is ready.

    Still upsets me that it's been 20 days that I haven't been able to play head to head without black screen & I've invested so much time & money into the game including the purchase of coins that are useless.

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