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    PS3 formatted HDD with data corrupted 8002f157 help?

    Hi all,

    Few days ago, I decided to go from a jailbreaked fat ps3 (with psbreak v1.2 dongle) - back to OFW.

    I formatted the hard-drive and went to update mode - after trying few times with few OFW- I still got the 8002F157 error. It says to enter any FW that is higher then 3.56...

    Any solution?

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    Uhm. Try to use service mode, and install 3.41 OFW from a dongle, PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP, if still not working, try with Power kept till 3 beeps, and choose 6 for update. After, go out from service.

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    if you have changed your hard drive put the original one back in an try updating... the 3.56 update killed a lot of ps3's that updated without the original hard drive... i just got mine back from being serviced by $ony... cost me $100... i had the same issue but didn't have original hard drive to fix it.

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    As much as I understand from forums - even if I have the original HDD but I formatted it - i'm stuck...

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    my ps3 is 3.73 installed in his HDD but i'm trying to downgrade, but my ps3 doesn't let me.. it gave me an error like yours 8002f282 or something like that.

    help please

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    You cannot (currently) downgrade a 3.73 PS3 without the usage of a NAND flasher device.

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    Wondering.. Did you use the emergency menu, then tried to update to 3.56, maybe? Why 3.56? Over all, what firmware are you using? 3.73?

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    I was on 3.41. Bought Gran Turismo 5 and it asked me to update to 3.56 (through the game disk)- did that, it got to 100% and after words there was a little pause and then the error message "update data corrupted (8002F157)"

    As part of the solution- I formatted the HD - first through PS3 and after I saw that it didn't help- I formatted trough the PC. Now I understand that I shouldn't do that...

    Does anyone here know of someone that sorted this out?

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    Uhm. Well, download manually the 3.73 firmware, and push power button till 3 beeps. When you get emergency menu, choose 6, and install from usb your new OFW. Easy, isn't it?

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    you need modified 3.41 pup for a dongle.

    look this:

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