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Thread: PS3 Flip Top?

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    TheShroomster Guest

    Question PS3 Flip Top?

    Does anyone know of a place to find a tutorial or template to convert a fat ps3 to a flip top design? the load mechanism on the blu ray is dead and i can manually insert the games and they play fine just really want to have the top cover on this for appearance reasons.

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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    Sorry dude there is no such product for PS3 so far just get it repaired or replaced the defective part these are the only solutions i know at the moment.

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    TheShroomster Guest
    well, i know i can go that route but i think i'll put on the old thinking cap and find a way to hinge it so it looks nice and lifts out the magnet for the disk as you open the top. when i get it all figured out i'll make a guide and some templates for others who are trying to avoid buying a new drive on a system that may YLOD anytime on me.

    ok well i'm done with my Frankenstein mod on the case and just spent the last 2 hours playing COD WaW. not a bad mod considering the drinking that took place during conception. pictures will be posted as soon as i resize them.

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    TheShroomster Guest

    couple of pictures

    here are a couple of pictures. still needs refining, but when i dig out my frosted black PS2 case im going to see if the pop top on that is workable on the PS3 lid.

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    I can't award many points for pretty (tho I know you said it's not done), but nice that you were able to get it working since your load mechanism was dead TheShroomster so +Rep for the effort!

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    TheShroomster Guest


    thanks man, i'll post more as i progress.

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    Rav Guest
    I think you should figure a way to cut the top of the ps3 into 2 pieces since the right side of course has the blue-ray drive so that some of the ps3 is covered and the only top u flip up is for the drive. maybe you could get something to order. or make something yourself. i don't think the drive should be exposed to the elements while you are playing games etc.

    now that your broke the seal lol, you could put some nice lights on it too now. and customize it please post more of your progress thanks

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    xUb3rn00dlEx Guest
    I agree with the poster above about the 2 piece top, but I must say you get +rep for actually modding it instead of the "Just fix and replace" crap. Very well done IMO, always good to see people modding their consoles. Just brings joy to me when I see creativity.

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    TheShroomster Guest
    now i like the idea of lights. maybe some blue leds. anyone have any pointers on where i should steal the power from on the MB?

    and the drive isnt "exposed" to the elements exactly. the lid is hinged and as soon as you place the disk in, just close the lid the PS3 is such a dust magnet it may actually make for easier cleaning of the components.

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    shummyr Guest
    Excellent job, aesthetically very pleasing to the eye

    Too bad the lights don't work but excellent job.

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