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    Zaphod703 Guest

    PS3 Flickering help?

    Okay i have a PS3 flickering at startup with all the menu and stuff. At first it was flicker and than flicker... there would be a couple seconds between flickers. Tried changing HDMIs and that never worked. But than Bam... It was REALLY bad nonstop flickering everywhere. it wasn't just flickering... it was everywhere. words all messed up.

    The Entire time with all this the only fix was Starting it up (without remote) and holding down to reset it... would fix it. But unlike many who it seemed to fix it for good... Every startup back to same problem. So only way to stop flickering is hold it down to reset it for every startup. So I thought maybe if i went to settings and restored everything back to default... maybe thats the answer?

    Nope... now its back to the original flickering every few seconds. Its so odd.... Resetting works shows the cables & hardware don't appear to be the problem. It seems like the only answer must be in the settings... but restore to default settings should have solved that right?

    LoL I have no idea what to do now. Any suggestions?? Appreciate any help!

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    windrider42 Guest
    Could be hardware issue.

    What model PS3? Firmware version?

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    niwakun Guest
    if setting to 480p/576p (under settings then display, choose HDMI then choose manual, uncheck everything except 480p/576p)

    if that fixes it, your TV sucks or maybe the firmware installed on TV (Not on PS3) is outdated.

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    misiozol Guest
    First of all have you try it on other TV as I do no see it in your story this would exclude TV or console !! , have you try different cable bit long shot but worth try ? Have you try to switch on console in safe mode and see if it's flickering , Is your console PAL and TV PAL , or they are mixed PAL and NTSC ?

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    vtinoc Guest
    Can you share more details:

    1: What PS3 do you have fat-slim,Model?
    2: Are you on OFW-CFW-DEX? and what version?
    3: Have you tried a component cable?
    4: Try to clean the HDMI area on PS3 with alcohol with Q-tips?
    5: Have you tried setting the video to different modes?

    Now what about the TV

    1: What Brand, Model?

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    gb14929 Guest
    Change the settings from 1080p (which is probably what you're using??) to 1080i.

    Should fix it!

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    Natepig Guest
    Sounds like as others have said, that it could be an issue that is with your tv. Play around with the settings on you ps3 and your tv to see if it fixes it.

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    ripplar Guest
    My son had this issue so I hooked his ps3 to my tv. It did not flicker any more. I found out one of the hdmi ports on his tv was the problem. I plug it up to another port and problem was fixed

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