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Thread: PS3 flashing red light and 3 beeps help?

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    tobytyke1972 Guest

    PS3 flashing red light and 3 beeps help?


    I just update my PS3 and now when i turn it on it beeps 3 times and the light flashes after 30-60 sec it turns off.

    i'm unable to to access the recovery mode too.

    Any ideas.


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    technodon Guest
    that sounds like yellow light of death, is it a slim or a fat model. and was it the one you installed the flasher on.

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    tobytyke1972 Guest
    its a fat, cechk, and yeah it was the one i installed the flash on. I'm starting to regret starting this

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    bluray91 Guest
    Hi i'm in the same situation. I had mostly problems with backup, i didn't know how to get the bkpps3 bin. What i did was rename one of this the three files, (bkpps30, bkpps31 and bkpps32) to bkpps3. After that i tried to restore and failed, and it seems i did get ylod aswell :/ starting to regret starting this

    My ps3 is fat, CECHH DIA-001. I have asked help from there i bought my E3flasher and they said i might had put E3flasher wrong side on the nor chip, i followed a guide with motherboard DIA-002 so i might have to switch side on e3flasher. anyone who knows if thats right thing to do?

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    Bartholomy Guest
    A reballing surely helps a lot. Both of you. This is what i would love was the solution, but instead you messed up the system. Progskeet helps

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    bluray91 Guest
    Hi i might have i clue to solve ylod easy, have been searching a lot. In my case i think i got YLOD for not put some thermal paste when i opened my ps3 to intall e3 flasher. (opened it like three times)

    In my opinion you will need follows: 1: Thermal paste, 2: Heat-gun, 3: smooth toothbrush and 4: Somthing liquid that cleans good.

    Open ps3 take of E3flasher, heat up the motherboard in my case (DIA 001). After you have heat up the motherboard so much that you barley can hold your finger to motherboard. Notice do not heat it up to much then you damage some important things in motherboard. Next step is to put thin thermal paste on the 2 core's, make sure it covers whole area on the both core's.

    Now just pray to god for help ^^ and you maybe able 2 boot up to xmb, lets press (')

    Hi forgot to tell after E3flasher gone you do this things first. (Clean those places with liquid that needs to be cleaned and important to take of all old thermal paste before put some new.

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