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Thread: PS3 Firmware update question help?

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    WackoDaSniper Guest

    PS3 Firmware update question help?

    What would happen if I installed the official Sony 3.73 firmware on my 4.31 firmware?

    If it doesn't work, is there any type of mods for 4.31?

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    You can not downgrade with OFW at all sorry, it will not install at all. To go down you need Hardware or a CFW already installed, and to install CFW on 4.31 you need Hardware(HW).

    PS: To install a CFW via HW you need a CFW compatible PS3 Model!

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    racer0018 Guest
    What is the model of the ps3 that you have? Thanks.

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    ahltru Guest
    Hi, not sure if this is right place for this post??

    I have a Slim CECH-2501A. I used V-Check and found that I can downgrade to FW 3.50. I'm in the process of Formatting the whole system, hoping it will clear the storage area. Before I did this I tried about 6 different PUP files all of which downloaded to 70% then got 1 of 3 errors: 8002F957 or 8002F2B5 or 8002F2C5 (file corrupt). I'll try these PUPs again after format; I've also got memdump_0.01-Final, question is; do I use the memdump first or try to upgrade FW or try to insatall irismanager?

    I started with a Phat system using the swap trick but lost interest, these new CFW seem the way to go and thanks to all who have programmed them, I just can't seem to get them running, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    mschumacher69 Guest
    You cannot just install CFW on top of OFW higher than 3.55. You have to downgrade to 3.55 with a hardware flasher first.

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