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Thread: PS3 Firmware update help?

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    Ziwa Guest

    PS3 Firmware update help?

    Hello to everyone, i'm a new ps3news user who searched for ps3 jailbreaks and i found many videos/tutorials on how to jailbreak . i found one from youtube and i tried it , but was fail (installed PUP. file , after nothing happens just the software version changed to 4.31 from 4.23, actually games run fine after the update , no changes or something .. no new folders added in ps3 game menu) so i searched what happened and i found that ps3 super slim cant be jailbroken at the moment.

    i'm a newbie in the world of the PS3. i don't know anything about it so anyone can explain me , please really what happen in that update what i mentioned.

    Thank you for your help ! Glad to be member of this forum.

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    Liongooder Guest
    So far PS3 super slim, cannot be downgraded or jailbroken, because of the new PS3 hardware, but 2012 was full of surprises, so i guess
    2013 will be a revolution, patience is a virtue, or you can sell it & buy a downgradable PS3 slim.

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