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    PS3 firmware and OOS support help?

    K so i'm on Rebug 3.55.2 and i left the scene for a while... now i see that there are Dex firmwares... so if i install the latest DEX can i install on it the linux and also can i have all the other stuff from the 3.55 to run on DEX?

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    To get a DEX Firmware running you need to convert your PS3 (So you must have a CFW 3.55 installe for it)

    On the last DEX (4.20) no Homebrew and no Linux , but new games.

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    hmmm so is it possible to install linux on a DEX firmware ?

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    Yes, it's possible, most if not all the PS3MFW patches for 3.55 work just the same on 3.55DEX. All you need to do is enable the patches needed to support OtherOS++, then follow the usual install directions.

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