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    Dec 2009

    PS3 Firmware for NBA 2K11 help?

    I was randomly looking at the tiny print on the back of the nba 2k12 game my cousin got for christmas and it says PS3 firmware v3.30 or later...

    Not sure what to think about that but I hear that it's for the more recent firmware

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    Dec 2010
    Well I know that the firmware for NBA 2K11 is around 3.50 FW, and the FW for NBA 2K12 is around 3.70 FW so I don't know what's going on either.

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    Oct 2010
    i think the print the labels off an old template and add in the new game info etc..thats what makes scense somehow but youd think they would update it as its false info eh..

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    Jan 2010
    Yes, NBA 2K12 (BLUS30830) has an Update, NBA 2K12 Additional Data Version 01.04 which needs FW version 03.6000.

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