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Thread: PS3 Firmware to Bypass Blu-ray Drive Check help?

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    pimix2009 Guest

    Question PS3 Firmware to Bypass Blu-ray Drive Check help?

    I have Ps3 with a broken connector (cable clip) to the motherboard for the blu ray drive and I was wondering if anyone know where I can get a cfw that by passes the Blu-ray drive check or at least a tool that I can use to modify PS3 firmware file so it doesn't check for the blu-ray drive to be present. I've looked online and most of those links are old and dead. Does anyone sill have these firmware or know of working links ?

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    JeoWay Guest
    PS3MFW Builder has the option to patch a firmware with the blu-ray drive check. Use it or ask your firmware developer to release one like that. (Or through the current release in and try modifying it)

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    racer0018 Guest
    Use rogero.

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