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    PS3 firmware 4.11 Jailbreak help?

    I would like to jailbreak my sons PS3. I am out of town and trying to get the right files that I need before I go back home at the end of Aug. I have performed a softmod on the kids wii 3 or 4 years ago; which took me a few days to get the right files and correct instructions.

    I thought it would be easy; to do the PS3 but i have been going in circles trying to figured out exactly where to start. My son text me saying the PS3 had firmware 4.11. Now will any CFW work; or do I have updated it to newer version 1st. What would be the best thing to do? Also; what version of MULTIMAN would Ialos need? Any help would be useful. Thank you.

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    Downgrade it back with hardware flasher to 3.55 (2xxx or 25xx model or lower only)

    Latest mM 04.46.01 (support 4.46cfw)

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    Thank you.

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    Before you get a flasher, you need to at least have a base firmware of 3.55 and know whether you have a NAND or NOR.

    Use minverchk.pup to see what base firmware you have and also, it does require a hardware flasher.

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