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Thread: ps3 firmware 3.5 phat help?

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    zant Guest

    ps3 firmware 3.5 phat help?

    Hello everybody. My 3.50 Phat BC ps3 died today, its drive went out for the 3rd time. I went out and bought a 160GB Slim with firmware 3.40 on it. I have a couple of questions:

    1. Is there anything that can be done on a JB'd slim to modify my phat 3.50?

    2. Is there a BETTER fix to the phat PS3's dead laser than replacing it with another drive? I KNOW that any drive made by Sony will die, I wanted to know if there was a better replacement lens/diode/trick that would bring the drive back to life if possible.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    A replacement lens/diode should last you the rest of the consoles suitable life, definitely a worthy purchase.

    Its pretty unbelievable you've been through 3.

    And no a JB system won't help, but maybe with the supposed 3.42/3.50 jb patches you'll be in luck.

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    zant Guest
    I've gone through 3 ps3 drives already, I don't plan to go through any more. I can SEE the purple laser when i put in the blu ray, its just too stupid to use it? The laser is WORKING, but the PS3 isn't recognizing?

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    2tailedfox Guest
    If you see the purple laser and it's strong then the laser isn't dead. It's probably dust or a loose cable. Does the disc spin at all? Can other types of media be read (I.E. CD or DVD rather than blu-ray)

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    zant Guest
    Checked all cables, everything seems intact.

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    2tailedfox Guest
    Ah. Yep. Unless it's dust somewhere, that is one tired laser. Only a matter of time though until some kind of exploit is found for the 3.5 firms. Good luck.

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