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Thread: PS3 firmware 3.41 help?

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    SinnerShanky Guest

    Exclamation PS3 firmware 3.41 help?

    I updated my brand new ps3 to firmware 3.41 after installing i read some reviews that some people are getting their ps3s bricked after updating to firmware 3.41 many a times it freezes on the XMB and during gameplay leaving the ps3 bricked and unusable for further use... since then i'm very sacred and haven't got time to check my ps3.

    Mine is a ps3 slim 320gb... Just 15 days old and played for just 7 hours before updating to fw 3.41... Can anyone please run a md5 hash check to see that the file hasn't been tampered with... Also i wanna tell that the update was successful and the ps3 automatically restarted after the update.. I browsed through the xmb and checked the fw to be 3.41 and no probs till then...

    Any and all help will be appreciated... Thank you... I really don't want anything to happen to my ps3.... Please tell me whose consoles are gettin bricked and is there any chance of mine gettin bricked... Thanks in advance.

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    The 3.41 old and new MD5's are posted here:

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    SinnerShanky Guest
    boss do you think my ps3 will get bricked?

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    I don't see why it would, the files are right from Sony and thousands of people have used them without an issue so odds are in your favor I'd say.

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    SinnerShanky Guest
    thanks, also most of the consoles that were bricked were more than 3 years old and probably the fat ones.. Mines a new slim one and the fact that i browsed thru the xmb flawlessly gives me that it won't brick but still i'm damn scared.. Nd i will be until i check it...

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    hacked2123 Guest
    When I updated, I was worried as well, even found the MD5's were mixed up.

    Good news is, I tried to install the broken first... and why is that good news? It refused to recognized the fact that there was actually an update in PS3/Update folder... so I installed the other, the one that is the right one for JB, and things went smoothly.

    So no worries!

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    SinnerShanky Guest

    PS3 Update 3.41 help needed!

    I updated my PS3 to fw 3.41 and have read that people are gettin their console bricked after updating. Some are experiencing freezing at XMB and some are experiencing freezing during gameplay which leaves me SCARED to the core as i can take anything instead of havin somethin bad happenin to my PS3 so please help.

    For some more info i played GOW3 on my PS3 for about 10mins and it worked fine... The XMB was smooth as always and evrything ws runnin flawlessly but i was just able to check for 10 mins or so...

    Here is a list of hash checks which i performed on the file that i used to update my PS3 to fw3.41

    C:\Users\---------\Desktop\extras'\PS3UPDAT.PUP 175193760 bytes
    ADLER32: af2925ea
    CRC32: a57a2958
    MD2: f5c9088fd91a4ecd573f5f5387be7a5c
    MD4: df9fac19907ce4a15304d4d0801d0ebf
    MD5: 00c835be718fc3d5f793e130a2b74217
    SHA1: c1366a9847034f2581559163cfd04d057a930c74
    SHA256: 5a528a3255ca5b2acff7737c0e2894d4eed51c7fb5e2a141cd 67a892baaf4b36
    SHA384: 636caac8ca69b78bb50f19c15bf6652bba92c2e1e81247fbce 6189f7ca818d16ea260001d91ae1e1cec418ceb2193552
    SHA512: 73520fa69b66e34f63ac7b5963cd1164460cd222cef98f5507 3054df25aad29179a87f57c8dce55304f86380ce1a7b103b1a ebf32ff8c4f521ab06d023806b06
    RIPEMD128: 9180615da964d497948e0ec065d35472
    RIPEMD160: f5aa29c1950b732487858fdbc3f8eddea34e2994
    TIGER128: e67fcc472d471dc05f90404c90682bae
    TIGER160: e67fcc472d471dc05f90404c90682baebf1dee26
    TIGER192: e67fcc472d471dc05f90404c90682baebf1dee269dc22e9d
    GOST: 8986c7833b8d49b900a195cc4736000e4f91a09e96263d98df e8b36aead6e13e

    Please tell me if the file i used didn't have any problems because due to some personal reasons i wont be able to switch on my console for the next 7 days and i don't want to be scared out of me till then... Any help is appreciated... Thanks.

    Also ppl i wanna add that i am not at all planning to upgrade my PS3 HDD... It still has a lot of space left around 260 GB....

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    barbnjason Guest
    Yeah that has is for the "Bad" one you can read more about that Here.

    You can find the new 3.41 here in the PS3 News Firmware Page.

    You will need to enter the recovery menu to update the same firmware that you are already on, details can be found Here.

    Basically most problems with the old file was when you tried to change your HDD so don't stress over it to much

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