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    GGG20 Guest

    Ps3 and firmware??

    Heey guys..

    I have a problem with my new ps 3.. I Bought a ps3 from a friend but I can't play new games.. so I have downloaded the newest firmware from the site of playstation but the ps3 seems not to recognize it.. it doesn't work..

    Can anyone please help me or give me some advice??

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    CJPC Guest
    First off, it needs to be in a folder structure:


    So, if you have a USB stick, you need to make a folder called PS3 on the root of your drive, and inside that folder make one called UPDATE, and put the PUP inside the update folder.

    Now, if you've done that and it still is not working - is there an error code reported?

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    GGG20 Guest
    I have done that but it's still not working!!

    but a friend of mine said to me that I have a specials ps3 because it's called ps3 test!! does anyone knows something about this kind of ps3???

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    hxn Guest
    So the automatic network update feature doesn't work? I'm not sure what your friend means by a test console.

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    CJPC Guest
    Yeah, If you have a PS3 TEST, a normal firmware update will not work, a special firmware update is needed, which can be quite hard to get the newest versions!

    There are a few versions of the PS3 TEST firmware in the Site Downloads, but alas the latest versions are not available!

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    GGG20 Guest
    Oow ok.. thnx for the information CJPC.. Do you know how I can fix this??

    And can anyone tell me please what the difference is between a normal ps3 console and a ps3 test console?

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    CJPC Guest
    Simple - if you want to play games, sell the PS3 TEST.

    Basically, the PS3 Test can run unsigned code, while a Retail system can't. The PS3 TEST also can not access the PSN Store, it can not play Blu-Ray Movies, and it can not play DVD Movies. Furthermore, many game updates are not available for the PS3 TEST anymore (some are, some are not)

    There are some more differences, but those are the major differences!

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    GGG20 Guest
    ok that is clear... is there someone who is interested in a ps3 test.. I'm not very handy with this kind of things.. I just want to play games on my ps3..

    Does anyone also know if I can play pro evolution soccer 2009 on my ps3 TEST if I update it to debug frimware version 2.30??

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    CJPC Guest
    In regards to the game - it depends. It may work, the easiest way is to just give it a try!

    As for the PS3 TEST, we are always interested, drop me a message here and we can talk!

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