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    gurpreet Guest

    PS3 Files too big help?

    I've seen splitters and things on the internet, but I have a problem. I want to put Vanquish and the new Medal of Honor on my External HDD, but I can't.

    Medal of Honor - 1 PKG file, 6gb
    Vanquish - 1 .CPK file, 9gb

    I can't find a PKG splitter or a CPK splitter, and I really want to play these games. All other games work, but I get an error when copying these 2 to an external HDD.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    if you can't split the files ftp them to the internal drive. even with splitting they'll need to be put on the internal drive to play.

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    logock Guest
    Download OpenSplit v1.0 and then just browse your game folder. It will split the files. After you splitted the files, just copy everything on your external harddrive and copy it to the internal with multiMAN or Comgenies Awesome File Manager... (those two merge the files automatically!)

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    Datalife Guest
    Those games will only run on INTERNAL. Not external. File splitter will not help you run those games...

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