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    mohp Guest

    Ps3 file transfer

    i would like to know how to transfer games from external hard drive to the ps3's internal drive, (via direct connection i.e usb)

    i've heard of ftp, but it takes a little longer.


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    dragonsan Guest
    you just can't. the only method to transfer them to internal is via pc ftp method.

    edit: i was a bit harsh. there is a method with this file manager tool: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...tml#post308345

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    wadtalkingyou Guest
    FTP - A sort of bypass the 4GB limit . Example (HAWK 2[16GB])
    External HDD (FAT32) - You only can transfer maximum of 4GB File at 1 go into your ext HDD...So if 1 files is more than 4GB and you cant split it, means you cant transfer it... So FTP is the only way to by pass it...

    If you transfer by ext HDD, 1st create a folder call "GAMEZ" (w/o quotes) at your main folder and put your game folder into GAMEZ folder... The folder which you should transfer should be call "BLUS30488", the numbers will be different..
    inside that folder, should have 2 more folder...PS3_GAME and PS3_UPDATE...If is inside, you have done it correctly...

    By transfering by FTP:
    Download link : http://www.ps4news.com/forums/attach...chmentid=21295

    Download it, put at your main folder of your ext HDD.Enter your ps3 by jailbreak mode
    and install the FTP.
    Onces install, open the ftp program and start its service...You will see your IP and ports at the screen..
    Back to your PC and download Filezilla
    C:\Documents and Settings\nasukiz\My...in32-setup.exe

    Open it and connect to your PS3

    Login IP : Your PS3 LOCAL IP
    ID : FTPD12345
    PW : "Blank"
    Port : 21

    Put your games folder into the below directory


    Exit your FTP program, proof and you'r done

    Awesome manager:
    You require 1 FAT32 External HDD (NTFS dont work..tried)

    Sames direction as above....This method is faster than FTP....Tried...

    Lets hope awesome manager future version will allow NTFS be detected... haha

    Good luck

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