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    hdmovie Guest

    PS3 File system ?

    dear all,

    anyone know what is the file system on PS3, since yesterday I try to copy 10 GB data, and my ps3 can accept. so it's mean not fat32. are there any utility to format external disk(usb) with ps3 file system.


    firmware 2.30

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    It's a Sony proprietary filesystem... not like Fat32/NTFS. Some details on the map layout are here:


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    coxyy Guest
    It is a kind of modified ext2 version. At the moment there is no way to access the partition content.

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    crazygod Guest
    use magic partition to put your hdd in fat 32

    or go to

    my cpmputer > manager > and chosse drives... and there you can change your hdd the ntsf to fat32

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