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    internetfloozy Guest

    PS3 file successful decryption help?

    I am playing around with some .self files (spp_verifier.self from 3.60 mostly) and comparing it to the same file in 3.55, the two files are the same original size.

    When changing a small chunk of the file in 3.60 and running unself against it the file appears to successful decrypt and leaves a .elf file behind that is the same size as the 3.55 file after decrypting.

    Problem is there isn't any plain text when opening the file in a hex editor so how do you know if the unself was successful, just because the SCE header is gone?

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    Natepig Guest
    If there is no plain text then your attempt to decrypt the file has failed.

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    internetfloozy Guest
    So what your saying is the "unself" function isn't working correctly? Try running it on the same file as me and see if your file has plain text.

    I have decrypted lots of files previously and not all result in plain text, but the SCE header is removed so I don't completely understand i guess.

    every other change i make results in header_failed or crashes and leaves behind a crash dump.

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