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    PS3 fault help?

    just got a ps3 never been online when i try and switch it on it gives a green light then beeps then shuts down with a flashing red light then when i press the power button again the red light stops flashing and stays solid... any help appreciated.

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    hmm make sure all the cables are inserted correctly and if they are and issue still occurs then call Sony and tell them immediately

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    its like 2-3 yrs old so warrenty is void i'm afaird is why i'm askin..

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    given the symptoms and age, i would have a stab at saying the thermal paste has dried out, replace the paste and see what's what... no need for a reflow. (unless it developed the fault while the system was in use)

    keep us posted. good luck.

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    or you could try the hairdryer trick:

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    using a hairdryer is a temp fix. cause more damage than good. > only works with ylod as it temp repairs the solderballs.

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    i took the ps3 apart its a cechg03 removed thermal paste gave it a light heat for 25 secs ...just thought to save me havin to do it again with heatgun left to cool then reapplied artic silver 5 put it back together and it worked... so i went to my bed happy. this morning i fixed the blueray drive so now it takes disks and it actually works it wasn't spinning when i first got it tried resistance original game and it worked perfectly no skipping or nothing not bad for costing me 17.

    i think the problem was down to wiring or something like thermal paste being dry cos it was pretty dry its version 2.41... so now i'm looking to make it dual boot linux-game os cos install other os is there any help with that would be appreciated, also when puttin the ps3 back together i must of put lid on wrong cos now the buttons for on n off n eject don't work lol im a noob eh

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    Just to let you know this is a temp fix. It will do again, maybe a week, maybe a month but it will do it again.

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    Check the power supply. Fix eject button too, absolutely.

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    Depending on how good you are with wiring etc... you could take it apart and replace the thermal paste (Tuniq X4 is a suggestion). Or you could just send it to Sony even though it's $150...

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