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    Question PS3 FAT32 Limit?

    This Might be a strange question but since the fat32 format can only upload 4gb then whats the point of connecting an external hdd

    Also i have a seagate 500 gb external hdd with only 30% of free space . So if i want to connect it to my ps3 will i have to format it ?

    If not then how do i convert it without formatting it ?

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    The 4 GB limit of FAT32 means that no single file can exceed that size. It has nothing to do with the size of the drive/partition itself.

    To convert from NTFS to FAT32 without formatting the drive you could use a disk utility such as Partition Magic however this process is not totally safe and could result in data loss if you are unlucky.

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    Ok then ... So i guess i'll just have to get a new hdd ...

    Another question . If The Limit on one file i 4 gb then is it possible to load dvd backups and ps3 isos on it ?

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    There is no public way to run unsigned code yet on retail PS3 consoles so that leaves any "iSO" loaders out until a hole is found.

    As mentioned in our Site News though, CJPC is currently able to run PS3 back-ups on his TEST PS3 console, but not as iSO files yet... only the extracted game files (similar to the way PSP back-ups used to be ran before there was a PSP "ISO" loader). I guess my point is this is why the "single file size limitation" isn't an issue.

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