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    PS3 fat - Wireless card dying help?

    Hey guys, My ps3 has started to randomly give the error code: 8002AD23

    When it does this, the wi-fi light indicator (green one on the front) stops completely.The only way to bring the wi-fi back is to restart the console. Sometimes it keeps doing it, and sometimes it lets me play for hours with no problems. What can I do?

    My ps3 is a cechA01 NTSC. (ps3 fat w/ 4 usb ports, memory card slots & backwards compatibility)

    If the wireless card needs replacing, should I order one and replace it, or can I just take one out of my RLOD ps3 (also ps3 fat, CECHC03 PAL)

    Thanks, any help would be appreciated.

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    WiFi and bluetooth is using the very same wireless chipset (its so called wifi/bluetooth coexistent) , so once wifi fails, the bluetooth fails too.

    Did you check youre wireless router, and check its signal strength or any device that interferes the signal (eg any WiFi source that uses the same channel or someone using a cordless phone)

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    Yeah, when my ps3 is connected it has excellent signal strength, and the router channel is not the problem

    I can tell it isn't a problem with the router because my laptop works fine with the router, and the ps3's wifi light turns off when this happens. Even if I try to scan for a network, the green wifi light on the ps3 remains off and it doesn't find any access points. This means the wireless card is just off and is not responding.

    The only way to get it working again is to reboot the console. Do you think I can fix this by replacing the card with one from a cechc03? Would this problem effect my Ethernet connectivity? i have bridged the connection from my laptop so that my ps3 can connect to the internet using Ethernet to my laptop, which is connected through wi-fi.

    When i first tried it, it didn't get an ip address, then didn't detect the Ethernet. I rebooted the ps3 and it suddenly detected the Ethernet and the internet has been working fine for about 6 hours now. I hope the "Ethernet is not connected" was just a temporary thing due to configuration.. are old ps3s known for having connectivity problems after years of usage?

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    Well I would rather say it's software issue try to reinstal CFW to rebug/rogero and try then

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    I'm on the latest OFW

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    Well this thus not exclude fw problem , try to reinstall. As far as wireless board I do believe cechc/a have same board for wifi.

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    What are the brick chances for downgrading to cfw then updating? Ban chances? & what flasher would i use?

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    M8 all this questions have been answered many times before just try to search a bit

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    firmware issue

    This really doesnt look like a firmware issue to me. There isn't much information about this problem, and a flasher to try downgrading the firmware to maybe fix it is not worth the money imo

    I can try changing wireless cards if i need to, seeing as I have a spare for now i have been using ethernet and it has been very reliable

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    That is best way to do it

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