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Thread: PS3 fat - Wireless card dying help?

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    niwakun Guest
    what I want to hear is if the bluetooth is working properly, if you can sync controllers and bd accessories just fine, I doubt that the wireless card is broken. Check the internal antenna on PS3, also check the router settings, some users leaves the 2.4ghz band disabled and stick with 5ghz one.

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    idulkoan Guest
    Bluetooth works fine, my controller hasn't disconnected ever. But if it's a problem with a router's configuration, why does the ps3's wi-fi light indicator shut off completely? It doesn't let me scan for access points or use wi-fi at all. If it was a router problem/setting, the wi-fi light should still go on when I scan for access points.

    hmm.. -

    "Its definitely a problem with the wireless module in the PS3. It works perfectly for 5 mins then dies...the green network light goes out too.

    It is probably a dying capacitor."

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    niwakun Guest
    i hope you also read the part that he also a problem on wired connection with same problem. you can try swapping the wifi/blutooth module but im sure you will be wasting money for trying that, unless you are willing to spend some money on a router related problems.

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    idulkoan Guest


    I have just swapped the wireless board. I didn't see any damages on the board, but there was some dust collecting. I am going to test the wireless for around a week before deciding whether swapping fixed my problem

    We were having router problems before, but then we upgraded to wireless N and havnt had any problems with any devices ever since. I always get full bars of signal too

    Swapping the wireless boards was free, because I have a spare ps3 that is broken and can be used for parts

    Also, if it was a router problem, why does the wifi stop working when i tether it to my laptop?

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    windrider42 Guest
    Did you read this post:

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    idulkoan Guest
    I have a sky router, and it is on its latest firmware.

    I think swapping the wireless board fixed my problem, because I have played for a few hours yesterday and today and haven't gotten the problem once yet.

    haha nevermind.. worked for hours without problems yesterday. Turned it on today and after 10 minutes it did it again.. strange.

    Well i hope it is the router, but I am doubting it because if it was having connectivity problems with the router, it should still be able to scan for other access points which it fails to do.

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    idulkoan Guest


    this problem is really strange.. so far it only showed the problem once, and that was within 10 minutes of using it. After rebooting, it has been working for hours.. hmm

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    Natepig Guest
    i had a similar problem years ago and it was caused by faulty microfilters on the phone line.

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    Natepig Guest
    whenever the phone would ring, I would get signed out of playstation network, then the ethernet is not connected message would appear.

    In any case I would think its more of an home network issue your having, on account of the ethernet and wireless playing up.

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    idulkoan Guest
    alright thanks for the replys/info

    it didn't happen today at all, even though I used the ps3 a lot

    If this becomes a big problem, I will look into it more

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