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    PS3 Fat (old type) with firmware 4.11 help?

    Hi guys.

    I'm new and I need your help please.

    Before I ask away, yes I have gone through a lot of the tutorials and guides but the all don't quite relate to what I was expecting, thus, I'm starting this thread and I hope you guys can guide me. I also read soo many threads and youtube videos that have successfully cooked my brain and I'm now truly lost on what to believe and do.

    I have a PS3 Fat (old type) with firmware 4.11. I'd like to play my backed up games by jailbreaking it and whatever else I need to do.

    Can someone please tell me what I should do please?

    Thanks in advance

    I now have 4.40

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    Quote Originally Posted by NineLives View Post
    I now have 4.40
    As you are now on 4.40, see here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-he...lp-126296.html

    In short, you will have to wait for a new PS3 Jailbreak to surface.

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