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Thread: PS3 Fat 80gb help?

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    ARshad6285 Guest

    PS3 Fat 80gb help?

    Good morning everyone,

    I am actually facing a big problem with my Fat 80 GB Ps3 (Model No. CECHK04). My Ps3 was a 3.55 system and I was using mutiman to play games. A few days ago, I have sent it to a technician to add more games on my external hard disk. The technician has updated the Ps3. Now it’s a 4.55 System. When the Ps3 starts it also shows Rogero 4.55 CFW v1.00.


    Since the update, each and every time a game is started, the Ps3 just shutdown unexpectedly (or probably crashes). The red light blinks, and the Ps3 need to be restarted again. So, for the time being it is impossible to play games on the Ps3 because of the frequent shut down unexpectedly (or crashes). I have brought it back to the technician but he told me he cannot do anything. In my opinion he is not a professional.

    I humbly request you to help me as far as possible so that games can be played again on the Ps3. Please do it for my son who has a fragile health.

    I look forward to your reply. I thank you in anticipation.

    Kind regards

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    misiozol Guest
    Well at least it's 4.55CFW , most likely games have been resigned for 3.55 , sounds that you would need to find ori eboot for each game. Try to reinstall CFW what are the temp. in system?

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    ARshad6285 Guest
    I did reinstall the CFW but unfortunately same problem. Games that can be played before updating cannot be played now (after updating) because the PS3 shutdown unexpectedly (or Crashes).

    What do you mean by temp. in the system and where & how can I find it please?

    Do you think if I downgrade the Ps3 and reinstall everything, the problem will be solved?

    As I have stated, either when the game start or is loading, the Ps3 shutdown unexpectedly (or Crashes).

    Please help and advise further.

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