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Thread: PS3 Fat 80GB on 4.00 jailbreak help?

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    saintmonkey Guest

    Question PS3 Fat 80GB on 4.00 jailbreak help?

    Newbie... Just blown the dust off my PS3 its a US FAT 80GB machine running 4.00

    Its non jailbroken... I'm sick of my movies being cut every 20 mins... I assume the jailbreak can help with this...

    So where do i go from here, is there any help I appreciate this is a little off topic, but I need the info before upgrading and paying for something i may not be able to use etc...

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    bitsbubba Guest
    you need to get it downgraded (nand/nor flaser) to 3.55 first

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    saintmonkey Guest
    typical, I only used it last a while ago and did a update ... is there any real work around for this annoying cinavia ... can't even get my netflix on without an update

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    niwakun Guest
    just flash a CFW with cinavia removed or use showtime media player.

    either way, you need a CFW for this to achieve, if you're not interested in CFW, then forget about it and stick with OFW on your PS3 and buy a HTPC instead.

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    racer0018 Guest
    What is the model of your ps3. This will help on what needs to be done with it. Thanks.

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    drphuz Guest
    Do you have a friend with a jailbroken ps3? maybe if you're really nice to them they can come over and do a data transfer between the two systems. If they do, they might have the knowledge to help you out cause on their end its quite simple.

    Showtime can be modded to install as a PSN GAME. Showtime has a cinavia bypass built in to it.

    You and he would need to be on the same version of firmware, just to be safe ie: him on 4.46cfw you on 4.46 ofw, or whatever # your on.
    I can supply a modified package but its useless to you. they would have to install it and then transfer to your system via ethernet cable.
    BUT if you find someone that's J/b'd, help is around the corner.

    And you would have to play only from usb. direct disk access is not available.

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