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Thread: PS3 Fat 80 GB with RSOD help?

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    juanandres666 Guest

    Angry PS3 Fat 80 GB with RSOD help?

    Help Me my ps3 has 4.25 os , and re install in 50 % RSOD and format hdd and over RSOD in 50 %

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    technodon Guest
    if reinstalling firmware doesnt work then you will need a e3 flasher or a progskeet depending on if the console has a nand or nor chip. downgrade to 3.55 and there is a custom firmware to fix your problem

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    Bigbones87 Guest
    I'm betting your console is chechL01 model. If it is, then downgrading it so you can run a lvl2.diag rsod fix could fix it, but more than likely it is a bad nor flash. ChechL01 had a serious issue with a sector of the nor flash called vtrm and it can sometimes be fixed my making the console rewrite this section of the flash, but you need to be in 3.55 to call upon this task.

    If it is a different model, then it would have a better chance of being able to fix it, but you are still going to need a hardware flasher of some sort.

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    pinoytechno Guest
    sad to hear that you have a rsod, i have one ps3 rsod i sell it and buy a new one

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