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    DemonEyeX Guest

    PS3 Fat 60gb on CFW 3.41 update help?

    OK, to keep it short. I have a fat 60gb PS3, jailbroken via PSBreak v1.1 dongle running CFW 3.41. I originally set it up two years back, but the site died a long time ago.

    I need to upgrade my CFW, but I really have no idea how, i've searched & searched the net, but I really need some expert advice.

    Basically I want to run PS1 & PS2 games, via Irisman/Multiman & the PS2 Classics placeholder method, but these will not run on my current CFW.

    Also I have PSN games that won't run due to outdated firmware. Can anyone tell me the ideal CFW to upgrade to, and a guide on how to do it ?

    I know that a few games I have are patched/signed/whatever to 3.41, so I am aware that I may lose the ability to run certain stuff, but I think it would be worth it to be able to play PS1 & PS2.

    Huge thanks in advance to anyone that can help me.

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    mackirkdog Guest
    update to 3.55 original fw,.. then 4.46 rogero

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    DemonEyeX Guest
    The text file with Rogero 4.46 says This CFW can be installed fine from XMB Update over OFW3.55 or any CFW ver <= 3.41/3.55/4.21/4.30/4.40/4.41/4.46.

    Do I definitely have to update to official 3.55 first ? And if so, how do I go about it ?

    Sorry to be so clueless, but I really have no idea what i'm doing here.

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    windrider42 Guest
    Hello. No worries we all start out somewhere at some point in time.

    You will need to get 3.55 OFW: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ei...y/OFW+3.55.rar and put in a USB in a Folder , named as below.

    First Create a Folder named PS3, then inside that folder name another Folder 'UPDATE'

    Then place the PS3UPDAT.PUP inside the UPDATE folder.

    It will then be like this on your USB >>>> X:PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP

    Take out all discs in the PS3, go to System Update on XMB, and place your USB in the PS3

    Update from external storage.

    Once that is done, do the exact same thing for 4.46 CFW and update. Make sure to also update multiman to the latest.

    Any PS3 Retail games backed up, only need updated to work on 4.xx CFW

    Any PSN games that were patched for 3.41, will need to be resigned for 4.xx CFW or find a new patch.

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    misiozol Guest
    M8 it's Very important you DON'T listen to them as they passing ONE BIG STEP after you install 3.55 , install 3.55CFW can be any CFW my choice is rebug 3.55.4 instal QA flag enabler and enable QA flag it will allow you for option like debug update meaning you can istall any FW on your HDD and just jump between FW without any downgrader or downgrader package , and this flag gives you much more just search QA flag

    After installing 3.55cfw and enabling QA choice is yours any CFW I would recommend Rebug or Rogero make sure you have correct multiman for correct FW , and REMEMBER to ALWAYS BUT ALWAYS check if corespondent provided check sum is correct to FW you are installing so you wont be stuck on OFW because of some uploader.

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    niwakun Guest
    To be honest its safe to install CFW on any OFW below or equal to 3.55 (take note OFW, having a OFW installed on PS3 means that the syscon is properly hashed, going to 3.55 OFW is recommended only for those who already downgraded their PS3 via flasher due to maybe their syscon hash version is not dehashed).

    If you still had a fresh 1.02 firmware version and want to jailbreak it, you can just jump to any CFW without any problems.

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    misiozol Guest
    Well proper way to do it would be:

    1. OFW 3.55
    2. CFW 3.55
    3. Enable QA flag and check if it is enabled and delete enabler so u don't disable by mistake
    4. Dump EID key with eid key dumper it will help decrypt ps3 HDD in case of ps3 death so data can be retrieved ,and transfer it to external usb drive
    5. Check if check sum is correct on downloaded update package and Install CFW of your choice rogero , rebug etc. 4.46
    6. Install corresponding to FW file manager of your choice multiman, iris etc.
    7. Enjoy of PS3 without limits

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