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    Dec 2013
    after 2 days of reading now to find either checksum utility... Oh a point of order... after OFW3.55, KMEAW3.55, should the most recent ver. of MM be downloaded, checked, installed (does it have tools necessary i.e. key dumper) ?

    Since there is little on my new fat 60gb (a couple of demos, saves, psn acct. installed back in 2009 just to check unit) should I reset to default before starting updates from OFW3.15?

    Don't know how I missed this the past 2 days, early onset dementia maybe... or staring at tiny notebook instead of the PS3 crap-o-browser on my 55"LED Sony HDTV.. THEN using notebook for downloads... sucks being senior citizen... lol

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    Sep 2010
    no need to do anything just stick to post no.8: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-he...tml#post466748

    and you will be fine no need to reset anything , for all you need to find use search on this forum and find it

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    Apr 2007
    I used rogero 4.50 CFW_1.01

    Thanks for the help

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