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Thread: PS3 fat 40gb without internal hdd help?

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    likij Guest

    PS3 fat 40gb without internal hdd help?

    So hey guys! my brother gave me his old ps3 40gb version with ylod, and told me if i fix it i can use it or sell. I fixed it, but ps3 hasn't internal hdd, and i dont want to buy new one.

    My question is: Can i somehow let my ps3 think, that my external hdd or usb drive are installed as internal drive. In other words are there any tutorials or someone knows how to run ps3 without internal hdd?? Or i need to buy one?

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    misiozol Guest
    You need to get any type 2.5inch used/new , hdd capacity does not matter.

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    likij Guest
    thanks, i know what hdd type i need, i asked if there are some methods starting my ps3 without internal hdd??

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    candyapple Guest
    No, the ps3 operating system files are stored in the hdd so in order for a ps3 to boot up, it need to have a HDD installed.

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    misiozol Guest
    There are couple work arounds

    1. An sata to CF adapter handy if you have CF card, or any other sata to card adapter.
    2 Use 3.5 inch hdd but you need sata cable male > female and external power supply for disk.
    3 Whichever you chose best way is to stick with normal hdd.

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