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Thread: PS3 fat 4.31 questions help?

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    jorgejorjol Guest

    PS3 fat 4.31 questions help?

    hi all, i'm new here, i have been days looking for a CFW that i can install.

    As i said i have a fat 4.31 OFW ps3 and i have seen i cant not install the CWF cause i need to downgrade to 3.55, but i don't really know if there is a way to do it without downgrade, in the case there is not way, for downgrade my ps3 would i need a flasher?

    is this all i can do or there is another way? thanks all

    my big question is, if i'm 3.55 and i got a CWF 3.55 sould upgrade to a new CWF like 4.30 or 4.41?? have i just to upgrade it by a usb as always or there is something more i should know?

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    ripplar Guest
    If you are on a ofw higher than 3.55 a flasher is required. If on 3.55 ofw just install any cfw you want.

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