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Thread: PS3 fat 4.20 problem help?

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    young legend Guest

    Confused PS3 fat 4.20 problem help?

    I have the fat ps3 on 4.20 ofw and i have a usb in my phone that is on fat32 but i don't have any type of modchip. i have tried a few guides on the jailbreaking but every time i do it the ps3 system say it can't find the update.

    do i have to have the dongle modchip? or do anyone know what i'm doing wrong?

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    kaindarkheart Guest
    Sorry man as far as i know there is no way to hack ofw 4.20 unless you do a downgrade with a flasher like E3 or progskeet.

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    young legend Guest
    is there a way to jailbreak it without the dongle modchip if i did downgrade it?

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    racer0018 Guest
    Like said before you will need to get a flasher and use that to downgrade. What is the model number of you ps3 and that will tell us what flasher you need. Thanks

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    young legend Guest
    it's CECHK01

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