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    G Sus Guest

    PS3 Fat 32 HD partition recovery please help?

    okey i was playing Sniper Elite V2 on 4.30cfw using multiman all was playing fine and i turned ps3 off to watch a movie. after the movie i went back to ps3 and started multiman. No games i rebooted Hd and ps3 but still no games. so i connected HD to laptop and the laptop couldnt detect drive (partition gone)

    i connected the HD to PC and th Pc couldnt detect a partition either. it would appear that somehow the MBR for the HD has vanished.

    i'm not bothered about the games cos i can back them up again from disk. sadly the hardrive had other files and stuff i really need.

    anyone got any ideas on how to recover a fat 32 partition, or at least recover some data from it.

    be very greatful for a speedy reply.

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    akimazaki Guest
    i think you need format it back... but to get data back i think impossible

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    G Sus Guest
    if i format it back then i will lose all data. at the moment the data is still intact. the drive just dont know its a fat32 drive. i'm sure there will be some software to tell it its a fat32 drive without reformatting it.

    and then hopefully some data retrieval software, to pull some of it back off.

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    akimazaki Guest
    try fix with disk repair at your pc...

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    rodq Guest
    Use hard-disk data recovery software. So many around!

  6. #6
    G Sus Guest
    all the pc wants to do is format it. just keeps telling me its a raw unformatted partition

  7. #7
    rodq Guest
    DO NOT FORMAT IT. Just cancel that "pop-up".

  8. #8
    G Sus Guest
    yup i cancel the pop up.

    any suggestions for any free harddisk data recovery software. that works.

  9. #9
    rodq Guest
    Good and Free??? NO!

  10. #10
    JeffVader Guest
    I've had good results in the past with Recuva. Give it a go.

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