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Thread: PS3 Fat 32 HD partition recovery please help?

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    G Sus Guest
    its worth a try, just been and bought another 1tb hardrive ready to store anything i'm lucky enough to recover.

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    matt101 Guest
    try windows 7 disk manager(if you on win 7)... it may just not be active... you should see it in the manager program if it does show up itll either be raw/need a partition... or not active, worth a look

    were did you get your 1tb drive... how much was it...?

    i just bought a 760gb external 43... argos direct

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    G Sus Guest
    i just got seagate 1tb for 69 in tescos, its a 2.5" drive

    there was a 1.5tb there for 79 but it was a 3.5" and had a hidden backup partition. i've had one of these drives before and the ps3 wont recognise it because it always sees the undeletable Backup CD drive first. cant delete the backup cd drive cos its not on the disk its on the controller card. (sucks).

    i'd have got the 1.5tb if it wasnt for the risk of it having one of those undeletable Virtual CDs

    the opartition was just comopletely gone, the drive wasnt recognised at all. since then i have assigned it a drive letter. and thats it its now showing as unformated raw data on drive G: thats as far as i dare touch it at the moment. dont want to risk losing the files.
    serves me right for using my ps3 game drive to store other stuff.

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    matt101 Guest
    nice buy for 69... i didn't see that 1

    thanks for heads up on the 1.5tb that has hidden partition... that ps3 wont recognize

    you could try... EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free... <---- just had a quick look for you , have a look at it never used it myself... but good luck with ya data recovery


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    G Sus Guest
    i'll give that a go too, once this 1tb has formatted, its been doing it for 30 mins and done 2% looks like its gonna be another all nighter lol

    you should always keep an eye in tescos, i got a 1tb from there 4 months ago for 49 and about 5 months before that i got one for 55 , (the one with the CD partition)

    i dont know if they get priced up wrong or what , but they often get strange bargains instore.

    just dont buy an hitachi lifestudio, cos thats the one with the cd drive built into the controller card

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    matt101 Guest
    NICE 1 ... will keep away from that hitachi... i thought they had the wrong prices on there drives... but i'm not complaining

    use swissknife for new drive for ps3... some software wont format correct with certain sized drives i think there's a limit with fat32

    once again... good luck... enjoy ya drive...

    psn id=bigbudxww

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