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    d4n122 Guest

    ps3 fan test safe?

    does the ps3 fan test harm your ps3?

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    player22 Guest
    If you mean the official fan test for the 40GB Version, I don't think that it's harmful for the PS3. But what I've heard about the fan test on the 60GB Version is that it's not really good for the components and that it could damage your PS3. I would say it's not worth to try it unless you've got a real reason for performing it.

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    dazmo Guest


    well mine is still working on my 40 gig ps3, but dosent seem to work on a jap 60 gig ps3.

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    player22 Guest
    That is what I tried to explain. There is no real fan test for the 60GB Version. It works for the 40GB Version and for the 60GB there's only a strange solution (something like turning it) which could damage it.

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    hellogoodbye514 Guest

    Smile fan test

    i dont really think it would harm ur ps3 at all.

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    fransua1981 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by d4n122 View Post
    does the ps3 fan test harm your ps3?
    For test fan in your ps3 40gb, is first, press the eject button. second, when eject pressed, turn on in back switch. third, the test fan start.


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    robots Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by d4n122 View Post
    does the ps3 fan test harm your ps3?
    Not at all, assuming you are not testing your fan during gameplay. The cpu should be under minimal load.

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    n0va Guest
    why there is a different in the 40 and 60gb fan test?

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    crazybyte Guest
    Don't worry, the fan test won't damage the PS3, because all the components are soldered to PCB. But donīt abuse of it, due to force the fans to run at max speed isn't good for long time periods...

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    mattfish Guest
    I have a 60gb ps3 and I have done the fan test a couple of times.

    I have not noticed any physical effects in doing this.

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