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Thread: PS3 fan mod help?

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    credentialz Guest

    PS3 fan mod help?

    i have a 40gb phat ps3 that suffers constant ylod problems i don't wish to spend any more money on this and i no reballing is prob best fix but im not intrested in that nor buying any mods,machine has been reflowed 3 times now 1st time lasted 1 week 2nd time 2 months 3rd time 3 months cpu temp is always higher than gpu i wish to have the ps3 fan on full all the time.

    how do i achieve this? ps3 fan has 3 wires grey black and brown i don't wish to solder anything i'd rather splice need help asap as ps3 is dismantled atm and in front of me

    The brown runs 12V the black is ground, and the grey runs 3.3V (to make the fan spin)

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    scarface1689 Guest
    The PS3 fans run on a PWM system. They run at 12V all the time, but the 3rd fan wire sends a small voltage to the fan that actually controls the speed. You want to cut the 3rd wire from the fan (gray one) and wire it to a power source. If you send it 3.3V, it will run at full speed ahead captain. You can find 3.3V coming off the PS3 power supply.

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    jamesnesc709 Guest
    try killerbug's fan mod.

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    credentialz Guest
    thnx guys managed to figure it out, came across another prob i'm gonna ask for help in new thread.

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