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Thread: PS3 Failed Help

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    silencephaze Guest

    Unhappy PS3 Failed Help

    Hi, i have had this ps3 for 7 months and the blue ray drive stop reading games,dvds,cds ect. it's my second ps3 which happens to be out of warrenty which really pisses me off, because i have to pay sony to fix my ps3 for $150 and who know if i get the same console back.

    What happens if this new console i get back fails too, then what, send that back for 150 too. You get were i am coming from, so can you help me out and tell me what my options are. MY ps3 is out of warrenty so i might not have a problem opening it now, because i have a reason to.

    I have seen youtube videos on people who have had the same blue ray reading problem as i have, and they have bought a replacement blue ray drive to install in their ps3. I also have read that those blue ray drive don't work on framework updates is that true?

    Please get back to me this makes me really sick, because the only reason i bought a ps3 is to play killzone and a month before the release my ps3 fails.

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    idone Guest
    Hi silencephaze,

    There is a great tutorial on how to replace the laser yourself HERE.

    it sure beats paying $150 and if you somehow mess it up...well you can always give sony ur $$ to fix it.

    There are a few different ps3 lens' out there so i'd recommend you take it apart first to make sure you get the correct one.

    Good Luck!

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    silencephaze Guest
    SO the lens is the best way don't bother with a whole new blue ray drive ?

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    idone Guest
    That is just what i would do.

    Lasers can be bought new, the only complete drives out there are salvaged from broken, bricked and otherwise damaged consoles.

    When you do get one remember to remove the static point to avoid damage, it is just a dot of solder that needs to be removed, usually it bridges 2 or 3 pads.

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    silencephaze Guest
    I have a ps3 80gb console do you know off hand what laser i need?

    How much are these lasers the #kem-400aaa Go for 90 dollars on ebay is that over priced ?

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    idone Guest
    I couldnt be sure myself without opening it up.

    I know that the original lasers used where great, then to cut costs the went to a cheaper laser, then after seeing the error in their ways (so many ppl with disc reading problems) they switched to a laser with 2 lens' one for br and one for dvd/cd.

    I'd open ur's up and check to be certain before ordering,..u will have to open it anyways to replace it so best to know you're ordering the correct part..

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    silencephaze Guest
    I can tell you this i think i have a old ps3 80 gb that has one laser that does it all, because if i had a ps3 that had both. Then just my blue ray would of crashed and i could play dvd and cds. When i try to play a disic that information eye ball or what ever you call it just goes around and around, but i have put my ear up to my ps3 and have found that my drive is still spinning just not reading.

    YOU think if i open it up and decided i can't do it do you think Sony will still fix it because i am paying them anyways. Why would it matter if the warranty sticker is ripped if i am out of warranty ?

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    oLMCo Guest
    You should try and call Sony up and explain what’s wrong. My PS3 completely died with the yellow light thing and it is almost 2 years old. I called them up, told them what happened and their sending me a new one... well a repaired one free of charge. Just say it's in perfect condition and make it sound like it's because of faulty workmanship (Most probably is) and they might not charge you.

    It’s worth a shot, even if you have to lie. Put up a fight.

    Oh... don't open it, they won't take it no matter how much you pay them.

    Hope this helps, you don’t want to just give them $150, make them work for it.

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    Chaos8 Guest
    Thank you for that post, i have had my 60gb ps3 for just a little over a year and the blu-ray player just all the sudden went out! My warranty was up and it cost me $160 for sony to repair! It made me mad cuz i sent it in and they didn even tell me what they fixed!

    I knew it was the eye cuz it didn read anything but who knows they could of just dusted it off! ??? but anyway thank you so much for this post and the reply! this will keep me from havin to pay 160 everytime it fails since i cant buy an extended warranty anywhere and they wont fix it for free like xbox.

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    gavshose Guest
    this happened to me, i thought sony extend your warranty they said that to me ?

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