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    Wow, reviewing alot of the TGS footage... Ninja Gaiden Sigma? looks awesome, devil may cry 4 .. looks like I WILL be hunting one down after all... the graphics look a couple steps above the 360, i dont see any perfect dark zero looking games at all ... whore that i am, i may be a convert

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    I think the ps3 will fail, all I read is bad things about it

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    Quote Originally Posted by BattleFish View Post
    I think the ps3 will fail, all I read is bad things about it
    Dependswhere you read.

    A survey just showed that there is demand in the US of 8.2 million for the current price.

    In other news all pre-orders are being sold out in both US and Japan.

    Seems like launch business as usual so far. It's cleaning shelves for the calender year.

    So Assuming Sony's production numbers are correct, they will have about 2million unit's sold by Jan 07. And this is without UK/Aus, etc territories in March.

    Until we reach a point where people stop buying as fast as Sony can make them, we won't know.

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    Cool info... nice to hear Tilla!

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    Actually sony leading is probably better then Microsoft leading, who is aiming to tie you to a windows media center.

    Sony just wants you to tied you to Sony entertainment which you can choose to buy or not.

    Microsoft wants you to stick to windows which may be the worse evil, since you have to buy that in the PC world.

    Well all the chess playing aside, it's dangerous for microsoft to win because it's still in the red for 2 generations of xbox-es. They need to get their money back somehow, somewhere, and if they won, you can bet they're going to try, Share holders will make them.

    Sony only has to break even to make another generation. They won ps1 and 2 after all.

    nintendo isn't in the same league. I love gameplay as much as anyone else, but they're not pushing subsidized power, which 360 and ps3 are. You're gotta push technology, and the only people(in economic theory) to do it are business that risk it big.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xboxing View Post
    False. Blu Ray is NOT necessary. Sony is forcefeeding the format to all Hollywood Studios, to slowly cut off the lifeline of the DVD (decrypted) movie industry. It is necessary for Sony, since this will give them Patent Royalty, and NEW copy-protection scheme, that is more complex and integral to your hdtv hdmi ports, than the DVD's protection encryption format. It's also NOT necessary to buy a 1080p HDTV tv, but poor consumers will be pushed to do so, if blu ray becomes the standard. More money paid, for a small difference in resolution, compared to 1080i. Sony is betting the farm on the PS3, which includes the blu ray format. The technology is not a necessity for consumers. It's a necessity for Sony.
    Dude, listen to what you are saying. If you were a movie company, and you had to choose between a ~9GB capacity, poorly encrypted format, or a ~50GB capacity highly encrypted format, which one will you choose? Sony just came up with something good for once, so don't hate them for being smart.

    Also, you think we should not move forward in technology, and stay with old analog TV instead of moving up to digital 1080i? This is like saying "It's NOT necessary to buy a DVD player, since it is only a small difference in video quality compared to VHS!" Why did you think PS2 didn't just stay with the old CD-ROM? Because higher quality games need higher disc capacity, and the 700MB limit isn't cutting it. 1080i is the wave of the future, and yet again, higher quality games demand higher disk space, thus we have the Blu-Ray. It is the only disc that can hold a tremendous amount of space currently. HD-DVD is not even close to this.
    Last edited by xDarKnighTx; 10-24-2006 at 02:07 AM

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    darknight: you are right technology should be pushed. Also hd-dvd has nowhere near enough capicity in its normal state to provide enough storage for a ps3 title.But on the other hand launch titles are already hitting the 25gb blu-ray limit! sony have already stated that they are moving to the 50gb version of the blu-ray disc next year, this should pave the way for the ps3 to completely outshine the xbox 360 in terms of graphics! if it doesnt something is seriously wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2quick4u View Post
    I agree with you, Iíve even seen actual game footage, which shows the photo realism of the ps3 games. but graphics are nothing without great gameplay to back it up.

    I've got an xbox 360 and I bought it due the games and not on the graphics. Don't get me wrong the HD graphics do help add the realism into the game.

    I noticed that some games look exactly like the xbox 360 versions with added extra special effects, for example take a look at Call of Duty 3. look at the ps2 and why it was outsold the original xbox 1, and all other consoles and still selling.

    I'd still buy a ps3 when the time is right and more likely due to games like, Metal gear solid and Heavenly Sword.
    i totally agree, gameplay also has a big factor. Also games such as the grand theft auto series and many others are probably why people will buy a ps3, including me. If graphics were everything then why dont we just play on a PC??

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    Quote Originally Posted by xboxing View Post
    Sony came up with a lot of smarts, like betamax, and Sony MD. Where are they now? Contrary to popular belief, I don't hate their technology. I just hate their ALL OUT persuasion to have Blu Ray as the industry-standard on the next movie format, eliminating HD-DVD. Thus, eliminating competition. Now that's evil.
    Notice I said "for once." I know all other media from sony failed, but I see blu-ray actually work this time around, mainly because ps3 is backing it up.

    Quote Originally Posted by xboxing
    False. To even assume that you know what I'm thinking is rightfully amusing. Stay with analog TV? "Moving up to digital 1080i"? Apparently, you haven't read my previous post on the subject. Again, I'm for new technology as the next gamefan. I'm not for the only technology in town, wiping out competition. Which is what I've been stressing lately. I actually commended the quantum leap of VHS-to-DVD conversion by the industry, since we can finally achieve LOSSLESS DATA of movies. Conversion from DVD-to-BLU RAY, is by no means a leap of technological bounds. It only brings more space and better graphics. In terms of Blu Ray technology, every consumer (if this becomes THE ONLY standard in the market, eliminating competition), will be forced to buy brand new expensive blu ray players ($1000 now, $500 three years from now.. maybe), and 1080p-compliant HDTV sets ((at least $1500 now, $800 three years from now... maybe less). It's an expensive proposition, considering the advent of DVD format only made you buy a DVD player (for around $200 at its infancy), while still keepeing your regular TV. The comparison is not even close.
    I guess you haven't heard about how the government is trying to faze out analog tv signals anymore. Once this happens, it forces people to buy HDTV, so eventually the conversion will come. Blu-Ray players should eventually come down in price, once third-party companies decide to start making them. Remember, Sony makes everything more expensive. Don't count on the current $1000 price label.

    Quote Originally Posted by xboxing
    Wrong. The reason why PS2 had DVD-player capabilities, was because the DVD player was hardly in production, when the Dreamcast entered the gaming scene - 09/09/1999. Higher quality games, as I said before, does not equate a necessity for higher disc capacity. More in-game movies only needs higher capacity disc space, including lush and complex backgrounds. This in no way make up "the quality" of the game. It's playability that makes the game. Every gamer knows that. Case in point: Namco Museum. Hardly takes up any space. Still addictive for many until today. Not a space-hogger, antiquated graphics. Still fun to play.
    I'm talking about graphics wise. Hell, I know lots of 2D games that beat out most 3D games now-a-days (almost all 3d fighters are crap compared to street fighter. only 3d fighting game that comes close is tekken, but that's for another discussion). Compare old CS and new CS:S. both have similar, near-exact play style, but graphics are a lot better, thus costing more disk space in return.

    Quote Originally Posted by xboxing
    You ask to listen to what I'm saying... then you need to review what you're writing. You just contradicted yourself in so many ways, that it does not even merit a reply. Find out what Blu Ray is actually capable, including HD-DVD, and the category of 1080i. I may be asking too much, since some members come and go, by posting on the forum, enough to gain credits to download the latest PSP patch.

    Again, I welcome every technology that comes to life.
    I just don't want a single company claiming fame, and eliminating competition. This is what Sony is doing, betting the farm on PS3 and Blu Ray, which makes it a necessity for their company. Not for consumers like me.

    Competition is healthy. The company (or companies) will always be on guard to attract the consumer with: Lower price, better technology, and JUST PLAIN BETTER GAMES.

    Think outside the box, and consider economics for a second: If Mc Donalds is the only fastfood chain in the nation (yuk!), you think they would be offering "Dollar Menus" or Tuesday Specials? Every fastfood brand name are always thinking of ways to attract the next obese kid to open their door. The Toyota Prius is still $3000 more than its manufacturer's suggested price. Windows XP has not changed in retail price, since it's initial release (and has become a buggy OS, compared to the more stable and advanced MAC OS). Madden NFL has degraded in game reviews for the past two years (see EGM reviews) and EA has no competition to necessitate better game development... since EA is the only game in town for this NFL franchise... and we still have to pay Top Dollar for that!
    Um, you DO know that companies have to pay the creators of the DVD format for making a DVD player right? Originally, the DVD patent was co-owned by a number of companies, with Sony included. Currently, it is solely owned by Philips. So does that make you boycott against all DVD because Philips has a monopoly on it? In the future, third-party companies will pay Sony to make a Blu-Ray player. Same thing will happen again. Get over it, this stuff happens in the background all the time. Even your beloved HD-DVD is patented, and is co-owned by Toshiba and LG.
    Last edited by xDarKnighTx; 10-25-2006 at 08:20 PM

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    not sure why you call this a monopoly, when the DVD in a way was a monopoly itself. Right now, at least the Blu-Ray have the HD-DVD as a competitor.


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