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    Just another follow-up: Apparently the PS3 Base unit will be upgradeable after all... except for HDMI as mariotrev mentioned earlier in this thread.

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    Blu-Ray would have been a nice addition if and only if it was the only hidef format in the market. Unfortunately its not and were forced to pay a premium for a feature not many people will be able to take advantage of. HDTV is still in its infancy and by the time it becomes affordable and the market switches to HD, this generation of console should be at their last leg. By then, blu-ray or hddvd players will be cheap and they will most certainly be a much better player than what the ps3 will ever be.

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    I have 3 HDTVs cant wait to use the PS3 on it, however in a reply to BOB i do believe that the games will utilize a great deal of space when I was stating that it wouldnt take then entire BRD is that it will stop some piracy instead it will lessen piracy to some extent.

    Also if im not mistaken I may be but, if you have a copy of a game/movie/cd whatever if you have the original in your possession then it does not violate any laws as they allow you to play the backup but conserve the original possibly to make another backup in the future.

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    yah you're right you're allowed to make a backup copy, not to be distributed or shared though.

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    I know the PS3 is being advertised as a BRD player as well as a game system, but how good of a BRD player will it be? I hope Sony put some work into it to make it comparable to others that will be out on the market bc the PS2 as a DVD player was horrible. I pretty much stuck with my standard player when I got my PS2

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    I don't se much of a problem with the ps2 dvd player, mine had fine quality and everything, also I think a BRD in general with the HDMI would be great, but that's just my thoughts.

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    i dont really get all this talk HDTV and the ps3 being too expensive. you can get a HD ready tv fairly cheap at wal-mart and tons of people already have them, but dont have a device that that outputs hd content. most of the people i know have an HDTV and i dont live in a place you could consider rich. as for the ps3, everyone expected a insane price. personally i thought $300 was insane at the time the ps2 came out but i still paid it(a month before the price drop).

    the ps2 is not gonna fail by far but i think its gonna be a good console war this time around. people are always gonna pay insane amounts for consoles at launch and those that cant justify spending the money will get one at the first price drop.
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    first off im not a huge sony fan there stuff breaks to easy for the most part. they dont take care of dead pixels on the psp the class action lawsuit on the psone and ps2 they have a bad track record on new products just make sure if your lucky enough to find a ps3 on day one buy the extended warranty. now that you know im not a huge sony fan but im a huge fan of games how can anyone think the ps3 is going to fail it wont it will sell. it might take them a little longer to reach there goals because come on were i live after tax its 653 dollars thats a lot of money and no rumble support this time they need to work that out plus 65.00 dollars for games after tax thats a lot of money for people to spend on a game system. i already have a hdtv and a 360 im loving it.

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    Yes It Looks,Sounds And Is A Great System But Who In The Hell Wants To Pay 69.99 For A Game And 599.99 For The System What IS SONY THINKING???

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