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    Quote Originally Posted by whiteshirtkyd
    I think what he meant was, that he wished they hadn't switched over to blu-ray, this made the price jump from what would be 400 to 600... unless I just completely missed that?:??
    That is what I meant. I see the point about larger space but in my opinion, how many times does a developer use that? The multi platform games, other than some graphic tweaks are usually very similar in content. I can see it in a RPG but dual layer is still rarely taxed as it is. All Im saying is I wish the price point would have been better or the blue ray dropped. I know I am not building a new BR movie library until I see who is winning that war so I dont want to pay the premium now for something I dont think will be utilized. The blue ray move was to prevent piracy, not to give us more content.

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    blue ray wont stop piracy when I can go rent the game for say 6$ and simply copy it.

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    Blu-Ray (and HD-DVD) were designed for HD content AND the ability to give the MPAA more control over what we do to our disks when we buy them. For Sony, Blu-Ray does 3 things:

    1. More content for games (We will NEVER see double disk games).
    2. Super piracy protection (We might see the same anti-piracy protection on PS3 games that we see on Blu-Ray movies).
    3. A huge incentive for people to buy PS3 (Just like DVD playback was a huge incentive to buy a PS2).

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    I argee with Boba Fett ....it is going to be protected better for piracy and is for HD material, but will be exciting just the same as the next generation of games come out.

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    For sure, if for no other reason that most people don't know what Blu-Ray is or what it's capable of. It IS an incentive to me though...

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    And any other person who even remotely watches the evening news. The fact that home set tops will be $1000+ (probably $1500) makes the PS3 the cheapest blu-ray players on the market. Which means the average joe schmoe who wants a Blu-Ray player can have one with a 900$ discount and the added capabilites to play PS2 and PS3 games.

    And dont give me the whole "the players will drop in price deal"... yea maybe in 2 or 3 years but by then so will the PS3. Who wants to pay more for less, im not that stupid.

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    Im excited about the BR, however I dont trust it. I will be getting a PS3 and I would BR or not. Some people are using BR and an excuse why they wont buy one when infact the simple fact of larger disc will make the games better.(more space). I however question the bigger discs as they may be needed for PS3 format as it may take up more disc space but there was only a small % of PS2 games that actually used the entire DVD Disc.

    Concerning Copy Protection, the federal law permits you to make 1 working back up of any media stored on a disc simply meaning that there will be ways around the protection. If games are using a large majority of the BR discs I will be renting them instead of download to see if I would even consider buying them.

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    Federal law allows one copy to be made IF you didn't have to work around any protection to make it. Reverse engineering copy protection is against the DMCA :x

    As for PS3 needing the capacity of a Blu-Ray disk? I'm sure they won't use all of it, but what about pure HD cutscenes? That WILL take up quite a bit of space. Not to mention that 1080p textures will be huge...

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    Thats where program like alcohol 120% go into effect... they copy the protection itself onto the backup and the backup is protected the same as the original. Some protections need emulation to authenticate though.

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    I just want it for the games, I chose and Xbox it fried on me; I just want to play PS 1, 2, and three games, on the same system.

    Don't want wireless controllers, don't want gimmicks; I want Gameplay.


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