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    Games will be made on Blu-Ray no matter what, you just wont get that 2 in 1 bonus like you did with the PS2. More specifically your new toy wont double as a movie player. But the question I raise is who cares??? DVD's are long from gone, and Blu-ray if it ever does become mainstream has a long time before that happens. Movies will be released on DVD for quite some years even after Blu-Ray becomes mainstream, just as VHS did when DVD came out.

    ICT scares me though, forcing my 35+$ blu-ray disks to be restricted to 480p when they should be in 1080p is a bad bad deal. No wireless controllers and the fact you cannot upgrade your HDD is bogus, I guess they want you to pay for theirs but comon. HDMI port (which ties in with ICT) is a loss, but one I can take seeing as how I dont have and wont be able to afford an HDTV anytime soon.

    For the 100$, I think im going to go with the more expensive one. I will only want one title at launch and would only even play 3-4 of the total titles announced for it. So I wont have to worry about whats not included in the "cheaper", if you can call it that, one. Not smart on Sonys part, not smart at all.

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    It's the next-gen Playstation 3 we are talking about here. of course it's gonna sell.

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    Although people rarely have an HDTV in each household, it will be the comming technology of the future just like before when nobody had DVD players now people have dvd players in their cars.

    I think blu-ray will become a more successful format over HD-DVD because for 1 thing Sony is backing up blu-ray and sony is also a movie studio. Where-as microsoft hasn't yet ventured into the movie industry (as far as i know). what other company is incorporating HD-DVD? I think with the winning combination of a best selling console (PS2) and plenty of movie support from the sony movie industry, Blu-ray will probably become the next standard.

    Although people will be hesitant to adapt to HDTV and Blu-ray at first, the price of the technology will go down and before you know it, it'll become a standard household product.

    As for having 2 different versions of the PS3 and the cheaper version seriously gimped.... i think this is a bad idea. I personally feel forced to either get the more expensive model, or nothing at all. Also i read from gamespot that they also changed their specs. The cheaper version was supposed to have 1 HDMI output and the more expensive unit was supposed to have 2 HDMI outputs. But now its either no HDMI out put or 1 HDMI output.

    At first i thought the loss of vibration would suck but on the other hand we do gain some motion sensor thingies (did they steal this from nintendo?). Maybe sony should put both into one controller and have the option for programmers to use either.

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    they got sued over the rumble technology if I'm not mistaken?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boba Fett
    More news HERE. Apparently the nerfed $500 will also NOT allow for wireless controllers and will NOT allow you to upgrade your 20GB HDD for one of a larger size. WTF Sony! Why did you even bother???
    I have an article somewhere the HDD is in fact upgradable.

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    Well, as said before, the PS2 faced the same situation. With 400$ (even more here in Europe) it was expensive and the launch titles weren't very impressive. But despite all that you can be sure that Sony will sell its 4 million units by christmas. After all it's Playstation and they have to satisfy the demand of a worldwide launch. You can also count on movie freaks who won't get the PS3 for it's game capabilities but just because it is a relatively cheap hdtv player. Well, and then comes MGS3 and FFXIII and Sony is at its old position. Well, or maybe not, the Wii is a nice offer, but the 360... most of the games are coming either for PC or PS3, so why should you get one? It's not even that much cheaper considering you have to pay for Xbox Live and for the HD-DVD expansion.

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    MGS3 is already out, im sure you meant MGS4. The fact that the majority of households do not have and HDTV yet means that the Blu-Ray movie capabilites will be downplayed severly. The price is high, but with respect to the blu-ray drive its almost justifiable. I wouldnt quaff at the price if I had an HDTV. Chances are I wont have an HDTV for atleast 4 more years (going to college, will be poor lol) so HD-DVD or Blu-Ray players would be pointless.

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    well i agreed with most of the post here but i don't think i will buy a 500$$ or a 600$$ console my limit is 400$$ not a cent more . . . and to tell you there true I'm watching E3 on the net and i like what i see on the 360 . . . the ps3 will have good games but that's not a excuse to spend 600$$ so until there's a drop on price no ps3 for me . . .

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    ps3 specs and info have changed over the past year...they said you could install your own OS on it aswell..but dont know if that will still happen. and the 2 hdmi outputs? what happened to that? i was looking forward to gaming and surfing the net at the same time the ps3 is still packing tons of features and im still buying the 600 dollar one, no matter what. I enjoy more games on playstation than any of the other 2 consoles, so im sticking to what i like

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    Same here, Ill be shellin out the 600 greenbacks for the PS3. I just hope that the first supplys of hardware are bug free (long shot, I know).


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