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Thread: PS3 External HDD question help?

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    daveshooter Guest
    It will end in tears if you try and do this in windows.

    Xpud ( is a linux boot cd, and is a great way to work with disks, it has everything you need to backup, undelete,and even backup and copy stuff to your network. It will even clone hard drives of any size to any size and it will resize disks.

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    thegavna99 Guest
    you would be better off leaving it as it is, as you will have ntfs for your bigger files, and i wouldnt recommend merging the file systems as it is advanced and could take days and risk losing everything.

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    streetthrowback Guest
    i got a question, with the new multiman i thought you can view ps3 games that are on a external and copy them on the ps3 internal?

    saying that the external is ntfs..

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    elser1 Guest
    should work.. try active partition manager, its free and excellent program and will do what you want.

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    psychops3 Guest
    This is easy you will need CompuApps' SwissKnife v3 install it and run it (run it in XP Service Pack 2 compatibility mode if on vista/7 ) and back up you're stuff (to do it faster use a desktop pc or a mule pc) and delete partitions then create a new partition with swissknife (it will be automaticly set to FAT32) and unplug it then re-plug it the new partition will be called SwissKnife:

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    SinnerShanky Guest
    follow us up on your progress.. And if your question is answered then please close the thread.

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