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Thread: PS3 external harddrive help?

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    merv45 Guest

    Smile PS3 external harddrive help?

    My fat PS3 has just died with the ylod syndrome... ordered a new slim PS3 an don't want the same problem again... so can I use any make and size of external hard drive (as long as I format it to FAT32) through the usb port and then use the backup facility and does it need to be partioned?

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    severusx Guest
    I would recommend that you stay under 1.5TB in size. Drives that use the 64k block size (1.5 TB +) have reported issues being detected by the PS3. You can use a single partition, but if you are a Windows user you will need a third party formatting tool like SwissKnife to create the FAT32 partition.

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    merv45 Guest
    Thanks for a quick response... 18 months of game saves gone in a jiffy... won't happen again.

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