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Thread: PS3 External Hard Drive help?

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    sparker781 Guest

    PS3 External Hard Drive help?

    Did a copy of a game from my External drive to my internal PS3 hard drive. now my external is not recognized by mm or ps3. i do have some games on there and some movies as well.

    i did try and reset the sytem... unplug and plug the drive back in... anyone have any other options?


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    dyceast Guest
    Plus the USB HDD into the PC and see if it is recognized... It could be the HDD

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    JeoWay Guest
    Make sure the drive is FAT32 formatted.

    If it is, try Comgenies to move the games.

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    racer0018 Guest
    As stated before it has to be formatted to fat32 for the ps3 to see it. However multiman can see nfts format just can't use it to play games. Thanks.

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    Andrie Guest
    Check on your computer, can be read ? if yes check is fat32 or ntfs, if ntfs you should change to fat32.

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