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Thread: PS3 error codes help?

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    jaiter Guest

    Question PS3 error codes help?

    I got a ps3 at a yard sale. It didn't have a blu-ray rom in it and it was ylod got it cheap. Anyways got it going was at firmware 3.15 a week later I decided to but 3.55 cfw on it so did the official firmware first at 65% got error 8002F14E. I was told it was a blu ray drive error so I got another blu ray drive out another machine and now I get error 8002F1F9 at 65%.

    I was told that it was a hard drive error formatted the hard drive and still error 8002F1F9. So I got another hard drive and just shuts off. I am lost on what to do next anybody have any clues?

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    If you stick the error codes in here, it will tell you what they are and how to fix them in many cases.. worth a try.

    You can also use the PS3 Error Code Tool v1.6 by Jannis96 (

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    TheShroomster Guest
    When you tried the other Blu-ray drive did you swap the controller boards? They are married to the main board and that could be a reason for the failure being that error is hardware related from what I have found online.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    It seems like you're in an update loop . I was in it before (same problem you had) but I fixed it, that PS3 is on the YLOD now and I really CBS fixing it.

    Here is how I managed to fix it. (

    Nope, I've read about pulling the HDD out just before it starts updating, waiting for it to fail (around 10% - 25%) and then the PS3 will reboot and it will ask me to update, then I press cancel and it will kick me back to the XMB. I'll try and let you guys know when I get back home.
    After you get back to the XMB install 3.55 BDB (Bluray Drive Bypass) CFW, this will not check your blu-ray drive when updating therefore you will not get the same error .

    (3.55 CFW BDB -

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    jaiter Guest
    Went to the error message site and it said system update issue NO DAH funny it doesn't say because of hdd or blu ray or something. The HDD trick it just keeps going to update can't get to XMB at all nothing changes. Stuck on installing update. So the blu ray drive that is in there is from my sons ps3 actually so it is married to his ps3 since I never even got a blu ray drive with this one to swap boards impossible. Is there a way to remarry the board. Thanks for all the help.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Well I'm pretty sure I got kicked back to the XMB, might be my bad memory though.

    Here are some links that may help you remarrying your blu-ray drive and motherboard:

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    jaiter Guest
    Well if I thought that this was going to happen I wouldn't of updated the ps3 at all at least I could do things with it like watch videos and stuff. Still stuck on system update the remarry thing isn't going to work because all the ps3 does is system update and nothing else. It would of worked if I did remarry before the update.Turn it on and first thing is the system update installing again. I wish I could cancel the update and just go back somehow.

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